My dogs

Fedor av Tallo

Born: 07-11-2018

The youngest member of my pack is Fedor, born by Ralf and Lisbeth Campbell in Norway, where he received a good socialization. His father is NUCH NJ(B)CH Ruggen, his mother NUCH NJ(B)CH Smalmyras T-m Kaisa. Fedor is a very stable, social and happy dog.


Jule’s Jente van de Wueste Graaf
Born: 25-12-2013

Jente was born first Christmas day early on the morning.
Our healthy and beautiful ´Christmas girl´. Her sire is: Dutch Champ. , NJK Halejeger Pom Pom W’12 (Moose) and her dam: Int. Kamp., Ned. Kamp., Smalmyras Mette v d Wueste, Bundessieger ’09, W ’09.Jente is a happy and social puppy and she´s very good with our other dogs and cats.


Smalmyras Mette van de Wueste Graaf,
Born 09-10-2007

Mette was born in the kennel Smalmyras of Lileng family in Norway. Her father nuch NJ (L) CH Rago and her mother Int UCH N N Y (B) CH-04 NORDV Smalmyras Td Raisa. We went to collect her from Norway when she was eight weeks old. Through her engaging personality, she soon managed to secure a good position in our small package and also within our family. She is an independent lady with a distinct personality and very affectionate, a great dog!